Enjoying electricity happily has always been the goal that people pursue, but the countless disasters brought about by "electric tigers" have made us stay away from electricity. The breakthrough in the key technology of power connection will put the "electric tiger" in the iron cage, so that we can not only feel the great effect of electricity, but also enjoy the good life of electricity. For example, the Al Gore mobile phone with insulation and power connection technology can not only be used underwater, but also can be charged in the water. In the future, we can enjoy the happiness of the Internet world while soaking in hot springs.



Insulation connection Traditional bare connection
Technical characteristics

Both insulated and energized

Both insulation and energization properties

Conductive metal is directly connected and energized
technical standard

Connect to electricity at a water depth of 1 meter (corporate standard), insulation resistance ≥10MΩ, and can be safely connected to water through water;

Connect to electricity at a depth of 1 meter (enterprise standard), leakage current ≤ 2mA, far higher than the national standard (humid environment) requirements

The current national standard (connecting electricity in the air): insulation resistance ≥ 5MΩ, no electricity connection in water;

Current national standard (humid environment): Leakage current ≤ 6mA, no electricity in water

waterproof level IPX8 (the highest international waterproof rating) IPX6 (anti-splash and splash-proof)
Safety features

Power-up process:

Strong waterproof, anti-leakage, anti-short circuit, anti-arc

There are safety hazards such as leakage, short circuit, and arc
Electricity mode The whole process of connecting and using electricity is safe Limited to use in air and dry environments


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