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Algon Lei Insulation and Connection Technology and New Products

  National Investment Promotion Conference

   (Shanghai Railway Station)


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  Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Qilu


We gather here with our vision of freedom

   Following the gentle breeze

   admiring the unique scenery of the Bund

   Discuss together, share together

   Our common ideal

   "Reality and Future"

   "Light, Shadow and Color"

   "Breath and Rhythm"

   these eternal topics

   become the framework between us

  The bridge between heart and heart

   hope to find like-minded people

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

   reality and future

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   and other words with a sense of technology

   is flooded in every corner of human life

   inhabit, live in

  The spiritual yearning of mankind

  We keep touching the edge of the world

   Attempt to reach a critical value

   may be a constant exploration of the future

   may be the constant destruction of reality

  The reality and the future interweave our lives

  How do you change?

   light and color

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   live and live

  black and white

   Simplified and Traditional

   Two extremes, two pursuits

   Mottled light and shadow burst out of passionate music

   compose smooth lines

   Scripts and Words Zhuji

  Good wine, good food

  chip interlaced like a world away

   to life

   How do you define?

   Breath and Rhythm

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   continues between one breath and one breath

   also passed by with one breath and one breath

   A single point can form countless rays

  A point on a ray is also OK

   constitute L=1/2(A^2-A) line segments

   We are in a noisy urban space

   work, study, one-line forward

   breathe and breathe on their respective tracks

   The rhythm of life reminds us all the time

   Speed ​​up the pace in pursuit of texture

   is the desire for life let us two

   Parallel lines without intersection are staggered together

   Think about the meaning of life together

   How do you position life?

  Time│14:00 on May 22, 2019

   Location│ No. 838 Dongfang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

   (Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Qilu-Grand Ballroom)

  Organizer│Chengdu Al Ganglei Insulated Electric Socket Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

   Thank you for always

  'S concern and support for us


   invites you to come

   Algon Lei insulation and connection technology

   cum new product national investment promotion conference

   describe with us

   Al Gore Insulation and Connection Business

  Blueprint PLUS

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