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Three Holes 16A Eagle Gray

【Insulated electrical socket】is a high-tech "safety and functional socket" launched by Algonley Technology. It is developed by Algonley Technology’s original "Insulated Electrical Technology". It has the unique "strong waterproof, strong dustproof, anti-leakage, and The five core functions of "short circuit and arc prevention" eliminate the three major safety hazards of traditional sockets: "leakage, short circuit and electric spark" from the source. Ideal products for safety functions such as: kitchen and bathroom environments, children's spaces, outdoor places, underground facilities, public areas, fire and explosion-proof units, etc.
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technical parameter

Product specifications: 86*86mm

Limited voltage: 250v

Limited current: 10A/16A

Limited power: 2500W/4000W

Pull and plug times: 5000 times

Appearance material: 850℃ high flame retardant material UL94 V-O

Technical standards: CCC.IP68, IP69, Fe11 (absolute level one)


Al Gore socket features

1. Strong waterproof: connect and use electricity under the protection of insulation and connection technology, because of insulation and not afraid of water;

2, anti-leakage: connect and use electricity under the protection of insulation and connection technology, and prevent leakage due to insulation;

3, anti-short circuit: under the protection of insulation and connection technology, the connection and use of electricity, because of the insulation, the connection itself will short-circuit;

4. Arc protection: Connect and use electricity under the protection of insulation and connection technology. Because of insulation, it is anti-arc.


Insulated electric socket

One, the basic situation

1. Product features: strong waterproof (IPX8), anti-leakage, anti-short circuit, anti-arc and wading plug connection

2. Certification status: 3C certification

3. Executive standards and technical requirements: GB2099.1-2008; GB1002-2008

4. Product name: Al Ganglei socket



Wall plug

Length and width (case size) 88mm*88mm


Maximum current 10A、16A(Max)
Maximum voltage AC220V(Max)
Maximum power 2200W/3520(Max)
Product specifications 86*86 type

Height (between base and panel) 48.3mm


Shell material Flame retardant plastic
Insulation resistance 1 meter water depth L/N ≥5MΩ
Electric strength 1 meter water depth 1500V, no breakdown and no flicker
Leakage current 1 meter water depth L/N ≤2MA (national standard, wet L/N ≤10MA)

Base length 48.3mm


Mating times 5000
Validity period 3 years
Operating temperature Room temperature


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Al Gore socket value

1. Technology experience: Experience a new generation of secure power connection technology;

2, safety protection: protect people's electricity (life and property) safety at all times;

3. Wide and convenient: The application environment is wide and the use is very convenient.


Five core functions: strong waterproof, strong dustproof, anti-leakage, anti-short circuit, anti-arc

Six major technological innovations: independent channel connection, anti-leakage protection cavity, automatic power-off setting, unique arc-proof design, wiring sealing protection, safety warning indication

Six safety guarantees: National CCC certification, expert authoritative certification, the highest international dustproof rating (IP6X), the highest international waterproof rating (IPX8), no arc authoritative testing, insurance company safety underwriting

Seven key application scenarios: family space (kitchen, bathroom, balcony, children's space), outdoor scenes (electric vehicle charging piles, squares, etc.), underground space (subway, air defense facilities, underground pipe gallery, etc.), public places (schools, Kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals, airports, high-speed rails, etc.), fire and explosion-proof units (libraries/museums, gas stations/gas stations, etc.), high-precision fields (cloud computing centers, scientific research institutions, etc.), military units (aircraft carriers, naval vessels, etc.) , Field combat command, barracks, etc.)

Advantages of Algonley socket

1. Adopt the world's first and internationally leading insulation connection technology;

2. Reach the highest international safety protection (water) standard: IPX8;

3, use materials with excellent performance;

4. Manufacture with the concept of electronic products;

5. It is the future development trend of safety sockets.


Safe comparison

  Insulated socket VS traditional socket

Performance Features Function description Electrical outlet Traditional socket
Fire prevention • Prevent short circuit Independent cavity and plug sheath design to prevent short circuit from causing fire
• Prevent and control arc Anti-arc design to prevent electric sparks from causing combustion and explosion
• Flame retardant and fireproof The shell is flame retardant at 750℃ to prevent high temperature and fire
• Dust protection IP6X level dust protection (the highest level of international IEC), to avoid dust contact with conductive parts, resulting in poor contact and high temperature combustion
waterproof • Waterproof protection Two-way waterproof isolation cavity for plugs and sockets, with a protection level of IPX8 (the highest international IEC level), to prevent leakage and creepage during water use
防电 • 防止漏电 Strobe isolation automatic power-off protection system to effectively prevent leakage when the socket is not in use
• 防止触电 Insulating sheath + anti-electric cavity, effectively preventing accidental electric shock during use
• 保 护 门 Effectively prevent accidental touching of conductors during use

  Note: A filled circle means that this function is available, and a hollow circle means that this function is not available.


Absolute power socket VS ordinary waterproof socket

Performance Electrical outlet Waterproof socket
waterproof level • IPX8 (International IEC standard immersion, controlled immersion)  • IPX6 (International IEC standard, splash-proof and splash-proof)
• IPX9 (China GB standard water spray, high temperature water spray) • IPX9 (China GB standard, high temperature water spray)
Waterproof effect • Strong waterproof, can be completely immersed in water (1 meter) for 30 minutes • Water-proof and splash-proof
• Suitable for rainwater, tap water, sea water, soy sauce, vinegar, milk and other non-corrosive liquids • Only suitable for rainwater and tap water
Security Level • There is water on the surface of the socket, and the socket can be touched, and the plug can also be plugged and unplugged for safe use (the plug must wear a non-electric sheath) • There is water on the surface of the socket. Do not touch the socket or plug in or out
• After the socket is flooded or splashed, it can be used normally and safely without controlling the water (the plug must wear a non-electric sheath) • After the socket is flooded or splashed, the water must be drained before use


Algonlei insulated electrical sockets must be matched with plugs with insulation sheaths (plugs with Algonley insulation sheaths or plugs with their own insulation) for wading use, and must be matched.

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